Burleigh Ocean Swim
2013 Breaka Burleigh Ocean Swim

Thank you to all entrants in the 2013 Breaka Burleigh Ocean Swim, we hope you enjoyed the Swim.

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Bluhat Swim Run Series

The Bluhat Burleigh Swim Run is a fun community fitness event and is open to everybody from kids as young as 6 years to adults 60yrs+. The event involves 400m of swimming and 3.84km of running, a distance that can be achieved by all ages and abilities.

The series is held over 5 days - 21/10/12, 18/11/12, 9/12/12, 6/1/13 with the final event being held on Australia day (26/1/13). All races will begin at 6am and run to approximately 8:30am.

Whether you are a first timer wanting a fun fitness event, an aspiring athlete, an average Joe or wanting to do it in a team of two, the Swim Run Series is for you.

Visit www.burleighswimrun.com.au for more information.


BurleighSLSC's Blu Hat Race 1 album on Photobucket

Race 2


BurleighSLSC's Blu Hat Race 2 album on Photobucket

Race 4


BurleighSLSC's Blu Hat Race 4 album on Photobucket




BurleighSLSC's Blu Hat Australia Day Eveent album on Photobucket
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